Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The stars aligned.

I like to describe our stage as "the golden years".  Our kids are so enjoyable most of the time.  Josh is a very easy teenager so far and the girls are pretty great, too!  We still have our struggles, but for the large majority of our days, peace reigns in our house.  I honestly feel like things are a little magical right now. 

Occasionally, though, the girls have a stressful time getting ready for school. 

Rob thinks he has the answer: to have them lay out their outfits the night before and then make them stick to that choice.  He is such a boy.  Like, really.  That doesn't take into account how the clothing feels, how it fits, looks together, or what they feel like

At least one day a week we have a complete breakdown.  I'm talking tears streaming down someone's face on our way to the bus stop.  I try to be as accommodating as possible, because I don't want them to feel uncomfortable for 7 hours. 

Days like today, though, make all of our struggles a distant memory.  They both showered, picked out cute outfits and let me do their hair.  They put earrings in, helped me pack their lunches and brushed their teeth unsolicited.  For those of you with school-age kids, I think you know what a miracle this is. 

I even had time to take a few pictures! 

I figure I'm going to need these pictures to look back on when their teenagers.  Or when we're all sick with the stomach bug that has Rob in bed today. 


  1. I hope Rob is feeling better soon.

    The beauty of school here is that school uniform is compulsory at pretty much every school. That cuts out the morning "what do I wear " dilemma.

  2. Love those kinds of days, even now that they are all grown up. and who doesn't hate a bad hair day.

  3. Ditto to what Shay said, no point saying it twice...

  4. I'm so grateful that Australian schools have uniforms, I could not have coped with that everyday. It was bad enough on weekends and school vacation.
    I hope Rob's feeling better soon and he doesn't pass on his germs to anyone else.