Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love this time of year

This picture is a great illustration of why I love this time of year. The yellow and red tomatoes are from my backyard, and the rest of the yummy fruits and veggie (pears, apples, stanley prune plums, and butternut squash) are from my favorite fruit stand. I am always sad when the "harvest" time is fading, but I am also learning to enjoy the winter veggies (cabbage, turnips, parsnips) and I'll try to post some recipes for ways to cook with these.

Later today I'll post my favorite pasta sauce, Bolognese, which is a variation of a PW Cooks recipe.

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  1. i too, am saddened that this season of fresh fruits and veggies is coming to an end! thanks for the post and ideas :0) i think i'll make this for dinner tonight as Travis has been stuck with Labor Day leftovers all week.