Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Day So Far....

5:38 am
Our alarm was set for 5:30, and we finally dragged ourselves out of our warm bed. Rob has a board meeting this morning and I had made breakfast for him to take. I had made rhubarb coffee cake, quiche, and raspberry oatmeal swirls last night, but had to pack everything for him.

I called Starbucks so Rob could pick up a traveler on his way to his meeting.

I helped Rob load everything into his car, waved and trudged upstairs.

I hear Josh turn the shower on.

I pour myself a cup of coffee and shake the cobwebs from my brain.

Josh finally turns the shower off.

Josh screams like a little girl and I realize he probably caught sight of the huge (!) "thousand-legger" I'd seen a few minutes earlier. Poor little guy, didn't have his contacts in and all he saw was a big, furry creature right by his feet. The bug was so big, it had stripes. He was hiding under the scales until I squished him.

The girls are wide-awake. I bring them drink boxes and cinnamon-sugar toast [after carrying each of them into our bed and turning "imagination movers" on].

The girls are grumpy, big-time.

I finally slide the last two (of five) flans into the oven for the middle-school multi-cultural fair (I made them last night, while burning the heck out of my finger and breaking a glass in the process....I really need a bigger kitchen).

The girls discover old pictures in our blanket chest. I come into the living room to find piles and piles of pictures. grrrr...

We're getting ready for the bus. Emma is sobbing. I have to talk her down "from the ledge" for the next ten minutes.

On our way back from the bus stop.

I return a phone call (for another cooking job) while unloading the dishwasher.

I feel the cinnamon and sugar on my sheets and immediately strip the bed and wash the sheets.

Emma is finished playing with her Barbies. She asks for her morning snacks: string cheese, mott's natural applesauce with blueberries, and a granola bar. Time to watch "Dinosaur Train" for fifteen minutes (yes, those are naked Barbies in the background).

still to come....
my mom is coming with a load of fertilizer for our new garden (!)

I need to deliver above-mentioned flans

I need to put all of this away (yes, that's a huge pile of laundry).

How is it this early and I'm already wiped?


  1. I laughed out loud SEVERAL times while reading this post! In fact, it was so funny and well-written, I'm going to read it again!!!

    I am SO glad this was not my morning!

    Although I sort of DO with is was my morning - with all that good food you mentioned. I didn't get to eat a dang thing until 30 minutes ago (4pm). Grrrrrrr...

  2. "How is it this early and I'm already wiped? "

    Because you'd already done a days work?

    I was already feeling sorry for you by this bit
    "5:38 am ". That time of the morning is just rude.

    I hope you got a chance to relax at some point. I'm just drinking my morning's my day off and I have a lot to do today and limited time to do it all in. I hear you sistah!

  3. oh, I totally relaxed, Mrs P - read a book all afternoon. We had leftovers for dinner and I put away all laundry except for the girls. hope you had a good day off! (and had to time to relax, as well-)

    Leslie- how can you not eat until 4pm? I didn't actually eat any of the things I made, but I did make another flan last night and it was decadent! Tasted great until I remembered I have to make an appointment to have my cholesterol checked!

  4. good gravy... you have totally made me feel guilty for snoozing until 7:30. i consider myself up and at 'em early if i get up at 7am! lol

    no wonder you are wiped!