Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Have a New Pet...

Just kidding.

Really, though, our kids are so starved for a pet that they've resorted to treating this bear like she was a dog.

I think we're going to have to take "her" up to the cabin soon or she'll probably be pretty bald. And, after two years and what we paid for this thing, that would be bad!

She is pretty cute and really soft - and very quiet.


  1. I totally thought you were serious. I was shocked... :)

  2. Ummmmm...those bear teeth look sharp.

    And I have two dogs . Would you like me to send you one? I'm willing to let the crazy one go. Your kids could ride him like a horse. Two pets for the price of one !

  3. I think that although the teeth do look a little menacing, we heard she mostly ate corn. Apparently the bears [where my husband hunted her] in upstate Pennsylvania have been known to sit on their haunches and munch on corn in the middle of the cornfields! how cute-around here, they are supposed to be extremely shy (I believe it, because we've never seen one at our cabin, and they are supposed to be at least five that live around the mountain).

    My kids would seriously give their left arms for a dog. I just don't know anything about dogs. We had one growing up [for six months]. Thanks for the offer, though, Mrs. P! My kids have been reading my blog, but I don't think they know about the comments, so hopefully they won't see your offer...otherwise, they'd probably find a way to contact you :)