Friday, April 9, 2010

One of my favorite places.....

I love Price-Rite. I know I've said this before, but I feel like I can't say it enough. While I don't buy everything at Price-Rite, it is so conveniently located to our house and I typically need to re-stock on produce every few days, so this is perfect for our family. I like to shop in the mornings, the crowds are light and the shelves are full! They have such a great selection of unusual and fresh fruits and vegetables. On a regular basis they have (while in season): blood oranges, guava, papaya, peppers, parsnips, celeriac, ginger, brussels sprouts, sugar peas, greens, citrus, leeks, fennel, etc. Some things I haven't tried yet, but we try to sample unusual things when we can. We've had: golden kiwi (really tasty), prickly pear (eh), paw-paw (good, but kind of strange), lychee (just plain strange), and purple bananas (tasted exactly like the Cavendish variety).

I don't purchase meat, eggs, or dairy at Price-Rite, as I prefer local vendors for these things. I do buy my "dry goods" here: cereals, baking ingredients, spices (great selection and very inexpensive), chobani, frozen veggies, juices, kashi granola bars and crackers, and bread. They also have an amazing half of an aisle devoted to Italian specialties (pastas, sauces, canned artichokes, vinegars, pine nuts, capers, instant espresso, ladyfingers, etc). I try not to stock too many snacks in our house, instead encouraging our kids to eat fruits and veggies (some days I'm more successful than others). I save at least half as opposed to shopping at our local grocery store, Giant.

I took a few pictures of the produce section. This was on a morning trip, probably around 10am or so. The store was spotless, the produce was stocked beautifully and I couldn't help myself, I had to document it. Thankfully no one saw me, I'm sure I looked pretty stupid!


  1. You ARE obsessed. :)

    I love your pics. The Weis on Roosevelt has a lot of unusual fruits. I don't go there very often, but fun to check them out. They even carry sugarcane in 4-5 ft "stalks." Is that the right word?

  2. hahaha! i can just imagine you looking both ways then quickly shooting a photo! :) i love these shots! they should open up a location here...

  3. Yep I looked stupid too when I took pictures of the oreo display at our local supermarket, but one has to suffer when you have to report to your blog followers.

    I love looking at the fruit and vegie section when it's all full. I keep thinking about the possibilities of what I could do with all that wonderful food! I so have to get back to the local market.

  4. That's it - I'm going to Price Rite first this afternoon, then Giant. I should be clipping coupons right now, but I don't work on Fridays and I want to take things at a leisurely pace! I hope my Price Rite looks like your Price Rite - it looks clean and well stocked. Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

  5. Emily- I hope you have a good experience...I'm a little nervous, though, it can be kinda crowded in the'll have to let me know what you think. The two things I should have mentioned about Price-Rite: they don't accept coupons (which I never use anyway), and they don't have free bags (which I never use either, I just put my stuff in the back of my truck and load everything into a cooler to carry it upstairs).
    I think Price-Rite is only in the northeast, as of now. Sugarcane sounds really interesting, Marion....wonder what people do with it?
    thanks for the comments, I wasn't sure if this would be interesting to anyone else!

  6. I've never noticed half those fruits/veggies there! And sorry I got your eggs from there the other day!! It's usually easiest for us to get them there...!

  7. Nic,
    you are not allowed to apologize for doing me a favor! If I'm not headed to market or Perrydell, I get their eggland's best at Price-Rite, too!
    I try to scope out the produce, as I'm always interested in finding new and unusual things-