Monday, October 24, 2011

For the Iowa Crew....

Rob has lots of extended family out-of-state, mostly in Iowa.  We only get to see them once a year or less - so I thought maybe they'd enjoy some family pictures.  Maybe Grandma Teague would enjoy seeing these, Sally - if she's feeling up to it!  

Yesterday Rob's family came to visit!  Josh had a soccer game and then we all stayed at the park, played, and had pizza together.  Even though we only live about 30 minutes away, we only get to see each other every couple of months or so.  I thought I'd share some pictures - the cousins sure are growing up!

Kate and Natalie

our soccer star :)

Angie and Wesley

pretty girl


Rob and Malachi

"Robbie" and his Dad

she is crazy photogenic

Angie and Travis

Josh and Wesley


watching the soccer game

Malachi and his big brother, Jacob

Jacob, Jeremy, Nicole, and Malachi
us :)


  1. Gorgeous family, Kirsten! Not an ugly one in the bunch ;o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! ☺

  2. Ohhhh my GOSH. Cute kids all around!!!

  3. wait uncle jer is here- how did he get in that pic :)

  4. Absolutely love the pictures, great family pic at the end!

  5. Thanks for posting, I can't believe how big the little ones are getting! (and I "just" saw them this Summer!)