Friday, October 28, 2011

18 Years and Counting.

 Like the annoying teenager "in love" that I was in 1993, I kept a scrapbook.  Therefore, I remember the exact day of my first date with my husband.  It was exactly 18 years ago today.  I was 16, he was 17.  We watched Aladdin in my best friend, Stacey's, basement.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

I wrote a post about him a year ago - check it out.  You can see how different we looked in high school!


  1. I recall the date of my first date with Mr. P too Kirsten so we're both soppy.

    Congratulations on passing another milestone. Aladdin? Really?

  2. Congratulations .. I, however, cannot remember the date of my first date with my husband. I do remember the "date", that's at least something...

  3. Kristen! This is SO SO awesome! I love the older post AND this one. The photo of you two in this post is just beautiful.

    This is weird, and I'll have to confirm with my cousin Dana, but I'm PRETTY DARN SURE that we were at Harvey Cedars in NJ in 1988 as well! (I'm sure we were there, just not positive of the exact year, though 88 sounds right!) Did you, by any chance, go to Church of the Open Door then? I didn't yet live in York but it's where my family is from, so I went to camp with Dana, who did go to COD.

    Oh my gosh, wouldn't that be SO weird if we were all at camp together? I remember much about that trip - including the mosquito infestation at the beach, and that I bought a hermit crab. Many more memories.

    Sorry to digress, these really were awesome posts!