Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weird Things That I Love....

1.  fruit roll-ups.  I could eat a whole box.

2.  "Wild Russia" on planet green.

3.  Large text print on library books.

4.  Sleeping.

5.  Pinterest.

6.  twisting my hair.

7.  Grocery shopping.

8.  Nerds. (the candy)

9.  Christmas shopping.

10. "Good luck Charlie" on the Disney channel.

How about you?  What weird things do you love?


  1. We are so kindred, Kirsten! I love almost everything on your list...especially 'Good Luck Charlie' ☺ We were gifted Netflix, and I think I'm caught up on all the episodes. LOL

    My weird loves? Does my family count? LOL!

    I seriously love Good & Plenty candy. I can eat myself sick on that stuff. Happy Wednesday! ☺

  2. I'm surprised about #9... I wouldn't have guessed.

  3. I can identify with at least 3 of those things (Im not saying which ones!)And I dont think any of them are weird. Does that make me weird?

  4. I don't think those are weird either. I do love Pinterest.