Monday, November 14, 2011

I Wonder.....

1.  Why the kitchen floor remains sticky in the location where juice was spilled [until you have re-scrubbed the entire floor]?

2.  If anyone has ever been unable to remove skinny jeans in a dressing room?

3.  When this annoying skinny-pant phase will be over?

4.  How many times someone has to throw their shoes in the air to make them stay on a power-line wire?

5.  When my kids will become less messy and less expensive?  (Please tell me next week and not "until they move out")

6.  How couples that engage in PDA never notice how uncomfortable the "spectators" are? Especially at a kids sporting event.  I'm pretty sure that if you can't stand on your own without leaning on each other (and furthermore, that those don't need to be held up at all), maybe you should bring a chair - no, make that two so you're not tempted to sit on each others lap.  I am fully convinced that PDA can go from awwww to ewwww in about 3 seconds.  I'm sure these couples are perfectly nice people, they just need someone to tell them. 

7.  If I can convince my kids that Mother's Best Oat and Mallow Cereal will taste just like Lucky Charms

8.  Why people insist on taking their toddler to Target in the afternoon [when they clearly need to be at home napping]?

9. What people eat [who tell me they don't cook]?

10.  Why is it that at the end of the weekend, our cupboards are bare and the house is a wreck?

11.  How can my son be such a horrendous writer? (how do you teach someone to be a better writer?  is it learned?)

12.  How our middle daughter became organized? (she certainly didn't learn it from us)

13.  How our youngest daughter became a fashionista (who likes short skirts, UGG's, and skinny jeans)?  (she certainly didn't learn it from us)


  1. Get Josh Stephen King's book entitled "On Writing". It's fabulous. And it teaches you to write well, while throwing out all the typical, boring, yawn-worthy writing elements. And it's hilarious reading material. Trust me! :)

  2. I'm wondering too, Kirsten. Have no idea how to answer most of your wonder-ments. ☺ As for the writing, LD Masterson had a wonderful post last week about it talent or skill...check it out, okay?

    Great post! You obviously CAN write. ☺

  3. So many questions, and I don't have many answers for you. They are interesting questions though. You don't want to know my answer to number 5.

  4. I have to ask why anyone would even want to try on skinny jeans. Nobody looks good in them ...

    Kids are messy forever - even after they move out of home. When they visit it's like a tornado ripped through your house so that answer to that is NEVER!

    I wonder lots of the same things you do.

    This post made me giggle several times !