Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Craziness

I wish I remembered to compile the list of hilarious news headlines [I read on a weekly basis]. 

There are some really ridiculous stories out there - reminds me of the country song we love, "God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy". 

Here is my favorite [news article] from this past week. 

Police: Fake doc injected cement in woman's rear.(click to go to the link)

How can you not want to read this article?  

Also, my favorite add on craigslist this week. 

I Love To Iron/Need My Floors Vaccuumed (West Manchester/York)

 I have a nice, clean, orderly house just looking for someone to do my floors once a week. In return I will do your ironing - bring to my house. I'm sure we can work something out. You use my vacs and I will use my own iron and board. You don't have to even wash my floors, can do that myself - I just HATE HATE to vacuum. Have pets. I live right behind Target/Sheetz off Brougher at Carlisle. Thank you. 

People are crazy.  


  1. I can relate...I hate mopping floors..and I also hate ironing. I need to find someone that wants me to organise their cupboards or do their grocery shopping in exchange for floor mopping!

  2. Now I don't mind washing the floors and doing the ironing if it's in air conditioned comfort and TV to watch, and I'm crap at organising. A pity Shay and I live so far apart!!!
    I'm off to read up about that women's rear!!!!

  3. For REAL? Ha ha ha ha ha! Kirsten, these are just classic! I'm glad you posted them! She would have a stranger in her house, just because she hates vacuuming? And she prefers IRONING? I'd rather rip my hair out than iron!

    In fact... I'M IN! I'll drop the ironing off and I'll vacuum her darn floors! I get it now! EXCELLENT!