Monday, December 12, 2011

Appetizer Idea #1

I'm sure many of you will be busy celebrating in the next couple of weeks!  Our social life is fairly non-existent, but we'll be enjoying some fun times with our families. 

If you've been invited to (or are hosting) a party, these antipasto skewers are a real crowd pleaser!  I first saw the idea on Pinterest and it seems as though I've been living under a rock - apparently, they've been popular for a while.  The possibilities are endless, but I'll give you my "recipe".  It's so easy, it's almost embarrassing.

Basically, you'll need to cook cheese-filled tortellini and marinate them overnight in balsamic vinegar salad dressing (I personally like Newman's Own, but use your favorite).  Then, you'll simply skewer the marinated tortellini, a cherry tomato, a wedge of cheese, an olive, and a slice of pepperoni.  That's it.  I like the smaller skewers (I believe they're 8 inch). 

Like I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless: various olives, cheeses, meats, vegetables, etc.  I used fontina cheese, kalamata olives, and regular pepperoni. 

I'll be sharing appetizer recipes this whole week - stay tuned!  


  1. Yum, and we have all the ingredients here including that salad dressing.

  2. I love antipasto and often chuck together a platter for help yourself eats. I'd never thought about skewers . That's one cute idea !