Monday, December 19, 2011

Excuse me, ma'am.....

Is that a door on your wall?

I am not a crafty person by design.  Usually I don't even try.  But, since we hosted a family birthday party for Emma [so close to Christmas], I decided to try my hand with a few decorations. 

Even though our house lends itself more to a mid-century modern look (it was built in 1955), I really like the rustic farmhouse style of decorating.  I enjoy natural, weathered surroundings. 

I found this cute little mason jar idea on Pinterest.  It was super simple - and it just so happened that I had purchased a pack of floating candles about 10 years ago and had never used them!

I used some foliage from our yard, added some fresh cranberries and water - and floated the candle on top!  So easy.  They looked great in the evening while the candles were lit!

I had snagged the beam they're sitting on from the pile of lumber at the cabin - I'm obsessed with tongue and groove beams. 

I also rescued an antique door - and convinced my husband to hang it on the wall.  I kind of love it.  My eventual plan is to mount black framed prints on the door in a symmetrical pattern, mixing landscapes and portraits.  But, for now, I simply hung two lanterns on the antique coat rack we've always had in the foyer.  At the very least, I figure it will be a great conversation piece.  I picture hearing at least once, "is that a door on your wall"? 

it looks kind of weird in this picture - but I still like it!

a view of our foyer through the mirror hanging above the table

the side view with our door wreath in the foreground
Do you decorate your house seasonally?  Do you go all out for Christmas? 

I'll update you on the door/picture frame when I decide which prints to mount!


  1. I think the door looks fabulous and is a great idea! And I love those little jars too...I think you are crafty but you've been hiding your talents from us !

  2. I love the idea for the door.
    Love the candle idea too, it's nice to float candles and adding the berries and foliage really makes it look Christmassy.