Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The best thing about dessert

is enjoying it for breakfast the next day!  I love warm apple pie with milk.  I enjoyed mine with a nice cup of coffee.  Perfection.

Here is the link to my apple pie tutorial.


  1. Oooooh! Good one! I make an apple pie with a crust I used to love. But at some point I decided I don't love it any longer. I don't like all shortening crusts (which is what my husband makes), so I had gone to an all butter crust. But it became too... too something. This is just what I needed!

    Thanks for the post, it's going on the To Bake List!

  2. Im still making the galette recipe to death ...I dont think Im ever going to get tired of it.

    I'll tuck this one away for winter...

  3. I love you (for your apple pie).

    It is my absolute favorite!


    Your Hubby

  4. The apple pie looks delish, as does the table setting-I love the blue & white!

  5. Oh no I read this before breakfast, now I'm hungry and apple pie would be lovely, but I'm not going to make one at 7am.