Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas has come early!

A few years ago, I purchased these two vintage chairs from my friend's family estate.  They were part of a set with a matching sofa that had been in her grandmothers house for decades.  I really liked the size of them and the classic shape.  I'm guessing that they are probably from the 60's, but they had held up remarkably well and were still very current-looking.  With the exception of stains and some missing buttons, they've been a perfect addition to our living room for about three years. 

this is the before image - original fabric

the original fabric was very durable, just a little stained

For our Christmas present this year, my mom decided to get the chairs recovered for us!

I was unsure as to which type of material I wanted.  I toyed with the idea of geometric shapes or patterns.  I knew I wanted to have turquoise in the material, because I thought that would look nice with our brown leather sofa and chair.

I finally decided to basically purchase the exact same fabric that they were covered in, but in a nice light turquoise color.

We have a local upholstery shop here in York that's less than two miles away and she was able to cover both chairs in a fairly short amount of time.  We had inquired about them in October and just received them back today.

I love them. 

Thanks, Mom!  This was a perfect Christmas present!


  1. Oh my goodness - those chairs were nice to begin with and they're even better now!! I've been thinking about getting one of my chairs (or 2) recovere, I'll have to get your reference when we're ready.

  2. They look lovely Kirsten-that colour is perfect. I'd say this was an amazing Christmas present!

  3. Those are beautiful! Very nice1

  4. They look fabulous Kirsten, love the turquoise colour.