Sunday, December 23, 2012

evil genius or just plain evil?

Rob and I are so different.  Like night and day.  I'm practical.  He's not.  He's people oriented.  I'm task oriented.  He's fun.  I'm not. 

He's just informed me that I've been relieved of my Christmas duties for next year. 

Because of this:

Turns out my girls and their friends love to wrap presents.  My girls had been begging me to let them wrap presents for the past month. 

I enjoy Christmas shopping, but I loathe wrapping.  I used to have my sister wrap my presents for me and then I graduated to procrastinating until Christmas Eve night.  But this year, the girls were begging!

Rob thinks I'm evil for letting them wrap all of the presents.  I think it's wonderful.  I made sure all of their own presents were in boxes so they could still be surprised when they opened their gifts. 

What do you think?  Evil genius or just plain evil?


  1. I think you're a plain straight up genius. The girls are having fun - you dont have to wrap the presents . Its win win !

  2. Lisa and I have wrapped presents for years! I say genius!