Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Northern Lights 10,000 lux light box

So, remember how I really thought I had an underactive thyroid?  I experienced weight gain, irritability, lack of energy, and overall yuckiness?  I swore since I'd put on 12 lbs in a short amount of time that I had something medically wrong with me.  I eventually attributed my symptoms to getting older and not eating well. 

Later on the the fall, my mood really worsened.  Irritability probably would have sounded great to my poor husband and family.  I was literally lethargic all day with the exception of 8-9am. 

I'd always kind of realized that my mood was dependent on whether or not the sun was shining, but after a little research I discovered it was a little more than that.  I knew that people in areas with less sunlight benefited from sun lamps, thanks to my well-read sister!  I started doing a little reading and began to have hope. 

It all sounds very strange, but with about 30 minutes of light therapy per day, patients experienced more energy, better mood, less craving for starchy foods, and more restful sleep at night. 

I started shopping on Amazon and asked Rob for his opinion.  He felt very strongly that what we needed was the best light box money could buy.  I can say, with all certainty, that less than a month later, this was the best $300 we've every spent (I'm actually going to work on getting our insurance company to reimburse me). 

I can't tell you how much better I feel!  I am still not sure if what I was experiencing was seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or a more moderate depressive episode.  I do know that my outlook is so much improved that I literally can't imagine going back to how I felt before. 

So, basically, I am sitting in front of this very(!) bright(!) light for about 30-40 minutes every morning.  I am receiving Vitamin D which helps my body make more melatonin.  I have increased energy through the day and by evening my body is producing the melatonin it needs to get a restful sleep. 

These light boxes are also used to treat: sleep disorders, bi-polar disorder, and depression.  The company we purchased from is called Alaska Northern Lights.  The boxes have filters that allow the box to be UV free and I don't look directly at the box to avoid any eye damage.  

If you feel a little down in the winter or think you might have depression, I would urge you to research this.  I was a little nervous to try anti-depressants, and I am so thankful we made the decision to order a light box instead. 

I just wanted to share this information with anyone who could possibly benefit from my experience!

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  1. So great to hear! We don't use the lights, but our whole family takes large amounts of Vit D3, as well as a slew of other supplements that I have researched (with the help of our homeopathic dr), and we haven't been healthier! It's amazing what natural remedies can do instead of going for a "quick fix" with meds, etc! Most of us are Vit D deficient because we have been told to use sunscreen ALL time time.........I got checked as well as my 2 children and it was true! So now we don't apply sunscreen in the summer until we have received 30 min of sunlight (as long as it's not prime time of day). I have been amazed at how much our health has changed over the last few years because of adding a few supplements.........and sadly, as a nurse, this isn't what we are taught in school, and it's not what physicians focus on either.............Americans want the "quick fix" and pharmaceutical companies want to make $$, so pills are handed out like candy. :( I'm so glad you didn't try anti-depressants......more often than not, the side effects are worse than the benefit. I feel these should only be used as a last resort. We also recommend a natural herb called's an amazing energy booster and has also helped people with depression as well. Let me know if you want more info on it, as I have some samples here as well......we sell our supplements at wholesale cost because we just want everyone to get on board with being healthy naturally!

    Glad you are feeling better!