Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My baby is six years old today!

Six years ago on December 16, at 12:12 am, our little Emma was born! She was what you would term, a "surprise". A better surprise and blessing we've never had. Emma is spunky, affectionate, fun, and unpredictable. We call her our little "squirrel". We are very close and I call her my best friend. She and I are attached at the hip during the day when the other two are at school.

We are so thankful for Emma and are so especially blessed to see the very special relationship she has with Kate, her older sister. They have such a bond, it's hard to describe. I know that God has big plans for Emma. She is a very strong little girl and we can't imagine life without her.

Happy 6th Birthday, Emm-


  1. My fav- the pic of her in Marion's blue vest and boots with her arms up- SO HER!...also, too bad you didn't get the other side of her on the last b-day pic- your reading audience probably doesn't see the pink highlights in her hair...can't believe Emmy is 6 already (going on 14)...she is one of a kind!!