Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is why I hate Christmas Trees

This is one of the many reasons I despise Christmas trees! Rob insisted we get another one, but at least he searched out a "Canaan", a hybrid that is supposed to drop the least amount of needles. Our Christmas Tree, version 2.0 is the skinniest tree we've ever had, and I love it! (as much as I could love a Christmas tree!)

By the way, these are half of the needles that fell off in my living room, foyer, and front porch "on it's way out"!

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  1. wow!!! that's amazing! we too shot for a skinny tree the last few years. i think we succeeded =) we have had no where near that many needles drop...i think ever... and we've always had real trees. do you get yours cut or buy off the tree markets? good thing you have wooden floors =) (kelly)