Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls Weekend in NYC (part one)

Get ready for a lot of pictures!  We had such a fun time together, my mom, sister and I.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Greenwich Village walking food tour.  If you ever have the chance to tour the city and take the food tour - do it!  The price is $47/per person and includes eight tastings and a three-hour tour of the neighborhood.

Later in the week I'll show you the other places we visited.  If you're lucky, I might even tell you about how we tried to break into the wrong apartment on Friday night.

for now.....

Settle in and enjoy the sights of New York City.  Join us on the Greenwich Village Walking food tour. 

pizza at Joey's pizza - my favorite food all day

orange blossom honey on Amy's bread at "o&co"

olive oil display at "o&co"

olive oil on Amy's baugette at "o&co"

Palma - their private kitchen and dining space

cauliflower, currants, and pine nuts
risotto ball

kitchen at Centro vinoteca

stuffed mushroom, fresh artichoke, bacon-wrapped date

peach bellini
oatmeal chocolate chip cookie at Milk and Cookies

olive, cheeses, salami

Murrays cheese shop

ricotta cheesecake at Scali caffe

Stay tuned for korean bbq, a french bistro, a walking path, and a little "b & e".  (that's breaking and entering for those of you who may not be familiar with such terms!). 


  1. It looks like a lot of fun! The black booths and chandeliers are gorgeous.

  2. Is it sad that I knew what B and E meant. I used to B and E into the nurses home where I was living all the time when I lost my swipe card..

    Stupidly I read this post BEFORE I ate breakfast and now all I want to do is eat inappropriate things like salami and cheese and cookies for breakfast.

    That is the biggest pizza I have ever seen. They must breed them big in NYC!

    It looks like you had a blast...cant wait to see more.

  3. Wow! What delicious food and fun you had. B&E is something all sisters should do at least once in their lives. LOL Can't wait to hear the story!

    Glad you had a fun time. That cheese shop would've been my favorite. Mmm! Happy Tuesday, sweet bloggy friend. ☺

  4. I was sensible enough to wait until after my evening meal before I read this. Unfortunately I left it a couple of hours and now I have cravings for risotto balls, choc chip cookies and some cheese. That cauliflower with currants and pine nuts sounds and look amazing, and a Bellini would wash it all down really well.