Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gyro Bowls

without the bowl. 

You might remember these taco bowls.

Tonight we had gyro bowls - but, all of our bowls were dirty, so......

I layered lettuce, cooked rice, ground lamb (sauteed with cumin, pepper, garlic powder, and kosher salt), crumbled feta, diced tomatoes, and tzatziki (fage yogurt with chopped oregano, seeded cucumber, and kosher salt).  On the side we had roasted kabocha squash. 

The verdict - totally delicious!  I loved it.  The kids and Rob liked it.  I'll be making this again. 

On a much cuter note - if you squint real hard you can picture 9 years from now - Emma will be driving Jacob somewhere.  Probably a sports practice!  How cute are they? 


  1. Okay, I'll definitely have to try to make those, for Jer, sometime!!

    And that darling pic is a little scary- but it's quite possible that they'll be driving in that exact car!! Although, 9 years might be pushing it! Also, I don't trust those 2 alone for 5 minutes right now, I can't imagine 9 years from now...:)

  2. You know I'm thinking about making these now. It's like your my own personal menu planner. I routinely snaffle your ideas for our weeks meals. Im pretty sure I have some yiros meat in the freezer....