Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things I Found in my Attic

1.  A ridiculous amount of boxes.  Empty.  Shoe boxes. A sleeping bag box. A nativity scene box.  At least 30 different boxes.  

2.  nail clippers

3.  quilting supplies - did I tell you, Shay, that I went through a brief quilting phase?

4.  12 Hess trucks.  In the box.

5.  a Jack LaLanne juicer

6.  Thank goodness, I found nothing living up there.  Also, thankfully, there was a complete absence of animal carcasses.  I would have died.  And made Rob finish the job. 

7.  about thirteen broken Christmas ornaments.  Littering the steps. 

8.  95 plastic cups.  (I counted by estimation)

9.  lots and lots of plastic plates, utensils, and bowls

10.  my bread knife

11.  A thermos.  Two lunch coolers.  A radio lunch box.

12.  An old pair of Josh's jeans.  There were 15 sizes too small.  This is no exaggeration - they were a 3T. 

13.  My personal favorite - a mummified goose-neck pumpkin.  At first I thought it was a huge stick of bologna, until further inspection confirmed that it was a pumpkin.  Or used to be. 

14.  My mom thought I'd feel better that this job was finished.  I just feel sweaty. 


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! A huge stick of bologna! Because THAT would have made just about as much sense. Ha ha ha ha!!! Awww, I miss seeing Hess trucks around! Don't see them outside of PA. I love #14. Great post!

  2. Now that I know that Kirsten, I'm going to hound you mercilessly to get back to it and show us your quilting prowess.

    We don't have attics here . I often think that's a great pity because you guys seem to find some interesting things hidden in yours (old manky food not withstanding!) What the?

  3. That's an interesting collection of stuff. What did you do with it all? Are you keeping the goose neck pumpkin, lol?
    I think you might have to show us your quilting supplies.