Thursday, November 8, 2012

Honorable Mentions

I've been cooking and taking some pictures with my camera, but nothing that I've made has really been worthy of a blog post.  Some of the things we've enjoyed have been delicious and some things have been a massive bust.

Tonight we enjoyed two favorites: smoky mountain chicken and roasted cauliflower

This focaccia was a bust.  I made it for Josh's soccer banquet and the recipe totally needed more salt.  It tasted fine with loads of butter, but what doesn't? 

I had made a large serving of mashed potatoes for the big storm and decided to serve it with chili (kind of a variation on a baked potato topped with chili).   Rob really liked it and I thought it was okay.  For some reason, I think the baked potato version has better flavor.

We enjoyed this pizza before trick-or-treating last week and while it was delicious, little about it was noteworthy.  One mention: Rob's brother husband gifted me with some dried poblanos to use and they were the perfect addition to a homemade pizza.  Just the right amount of zip. 

Speaking of trick-or-treating.....

I was hoping to have a picture of the cousins/neighbors in their costumes, but Malachi wasn't quite ready and neither is the baby-to-be-born.  Maybe next year! 


  1. your focaccia looks great .. I have a recipe somewhere that's supposed to be great, but haven't tried it yet. so many thing, too little time.

  2. All your young people look great dressed up for Halloween ..Josh looks incredibly grown up these days!

    I always find my foccacia never quite reaches the heights of the foccacia I buy from the little Italian bakery near my house so Ive kind of given up on making my own.