Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cabin Addition

While I was in California with my mom and sister, my amazing husband took our three kids for a short vacation to our cabin. They enjoyed fishing, dirtbike rides, campfires, and lots of together time. Rob is such a fun dad. He is basically a kid at heart himself and is never constrained by being practical. He works extremely long hours, but when he's with the kids - he's "all in". If they ask him to explain something he gives them a detailed description of whatever he is trying to convey (sometimes it's a little overkill, but endearing all the same).

He's great at bribing them - he paid them each to help him around the house while I was gone. He had Josh doing laundry, the girls doing dishes, and they even made signs welcoming me home. In his defense, he was busy working on our master bathroom renovation. So, a couple days after I returned home, they spent two (!) hours at Wal-Mart picking out treats. Yeah, I can't imagine that either. at. all. They came home with a dart gun for Josh and zu-zu pets for each of the girls (if you don't know what that is, be thankful).

I tend to be a little too practical - but that's why we make great partners.

Here are some of the highlights from their trip away together -

Jean - I just found these pictures on our other camera and thought I'd share the updated pictures of the cabin addition.

Here is the staircase that Travis built - I really don't know how he knows how to do things like this - but he sure does have a gift.

This is Angie and Travis's bedroom [to be]. I think their "theme" is red and black.

Here is Nic and Jer's bedroom [to be]. Jeremy's grandfather just happened to have these gorgeous planed pieces of lumber "sitting around", I'm not jealous, why do you ask?

This, sadly, is our bedroom [to be]. We don't have a theme, our ceiling boards are warped (and we're two short), but at least we have a bed and a piece of carpet!

A view of the staircase and the crooked tree we have growing in the middle of the cabin. You should have seen the guys pulling this log out of the woods and placing it in the middle of the just-framed cabin - it was scary - but I love the result! And, I think we're going to drape our bear rug over the log.

Lastly - some exciting news to share: Rob's younger sister, Angie and her husband Travis, welcomed their second child this morning. Welcome to the world Wesley John! We'll hopefully be meeting him tomorrow and I'll share pictures as soon as possible!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics Kirs-and yes, Rob is such a good dad-I've noticed his patience with the kiddos & explaining things so well (I think he gets that from his dad!). The cabin is coming along nicely-I'm sure it's hard to to up & work on the cabin & not just want to sit & enjoy the beauty of the place! Renovations always take longer than planned (speaking from experience, of course-I don't think our house will EVER be done!!) Give that new babe a kiss from this great auntie-can't wait for pics!!!!

  2. thanks, Jean - I KNOW our house will never be fully renovated - and as for the cabin....
    the two things all 30 somethings have in common: a lack of time and money! The cabin will be worked on and finished sometime! :)
    I can't wait to see the baby either - even if it's just pics until tomorrow!!

  3. The tree in the middle of the cabin is one of the coolest things I have EVER seen.

    Part of the beauty of having somewhere to escape like the cabin is creating things over time. It gives you lots of "do you remember "stories and memories for the future.

  4. loved this post, kirs, and loved all the pictures!! thanks for sharing :) we sure do have lots of fun cabin memories- i always tell jer that it's so cool jacob will grow up going there!!

  5. You have some talented builders in your family!