Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Stand By....

Do you notice yourself making the same meals over and over? I definitely fall into that category - for a few reasons: I become obsessed with something and make it over and over, I run out of ideas, or I'm desperate to make something we all like (there are very few meals that everyone likes).

Enter our "stand by" meal. Do you have one? We have a few meals that I make very often - cheeseburgers, pizza, and different seasonal meals. I am spoiled to have a great roadside farm stand just a couple of miles from my house. This whole summer we've been enjoying many of the same fruits and veggies - and loving it!

This meal is a very typical one that we've been enjoying all summer

This chicken never fails to disappoint. The balsamic bbq glaze is the perfect complement to the grilled chicken - and what can I say about fresh corn? Yum.

We have been loving these potatoes all summer - I love the little red ones, they cook so quickly and have such a creamy flavor. I still have a few herbs in my dying little planter and with a splash of lemon juice and butter - voila, a perfect side dish.

So, what's your fallback or stand by dinner?


  1. My stand by dinner is Foccacia - we eat it a lot. usually with salami , kalamata olives and cheese. That's because we live within a 5 minute drive of an Italian bakery.

    Another one of mine is curry pulled out of the freezer.

    I'm trying that chicken. Yum!

  2. okay, now see - that foccacia is what I would eat for breakfast!!! I haven't eaten yet and that sounds to die for! Have you ever made foccacia? it's actually pretty easy - if you're snowed in or something and can't get to your bakery, I could give you the recipe :)

    You'll love the chicken - it is so good!

  3. I HAVE made my own foccacia. (Bread machine makes light work of it ) But the bakery stuff is so nice (and cheap).

    I eat toasted foccacia for breakfast with vegemite. It's awesome.

  4. He doesn't - sometimes he just has to deal :)

  5. "Do you notice yourself making the same meals over and over? I definitely fall into that category"

    that comment sorta makes me wanna gag- YEAH RIGHT KIRSTEN!!!

  6. yet again you made me laugh out loud, Nic - if you only knew how many times I make cheeseburgers, pizza, and these little tiny potatoes!

  7. I still can't get over the fact that your fam doesn't like chicken- it's a fav 'round here! And that meal looks insane- I'm salivating right now. My go-tos are usually lasagna, chicken corn chowder, quesadillas (of all varieties), meatloaf, and any sort of stir fry. If I have little time one week for meals, I usually make a huge portion of one of the above, then freeze the rest (because all of the above freeze well). It's perfect!

    Haha- can you tell that I am catching up on my blog-reading today. I think I've commented on every one of your recent posts!