Monday, September 6, 2010

Highs and Lows....

We enjoyed a great weekend away. It is always a relaxing time when we spend the weekend at our cabin and this was no exception. The weather was perfect (70's), the sun was bountiful, and the woods are still filled with green.

We also had a great time hiking just the five of us....except that Kate coincidentally "forgot" her sneakers. We pushed on and bless her little heart, not one complaint walking three miles in flip-flops! The surroundings were breathtaking.

It wasn't all fun and relaxation - but that's okay. The guys pulled a few logs and split some wood to fill our woodshed. There is never a shortage of work around the woods and the family has decided to embark on an addition to accomodate our growing numbers.

Can you spot the cutest little helper? And, yes, that's right - Rob was using my truck to pull the logs out of the woods!

Along with all of the fun and relaxation, there were some lows....

-trying to help Rob install the ceiling [in our bedroom to be] and realizing that the boards are warped and that we're two boards short.
-watching Rob tear our four-wheeler apart and realize that the back end is ruined.
-using an entire Magic Eraser to clean the tiny shower.
-cleaning the wood floor and having to throw away the cloth because it's so disgusting.

But then - there were some highs....oh, there were highs....

smores with milky ways--Rob enjoyed placing the graham crackers directly onto the fire ring....the graham crackers toasted nicely and the results were reminiscent of a smores pop-tart! Please don't pretend you've never had one.


  1. Looks/sounds like a great family weekend; assuming Ang/Travis didn't go? I'd love to see updates on the cabin-last time we were there, it wasn't all enclosed yet (no windows).

  2. It sure looks like you had a great weekend, except for the cleaning! The views look magnificent.
    I'm still trying to figure out a substitute for Graham crackers, as we don't get them here. Chocolate and marshmallows are no problems though. I haven't tried smores with Milky Ways, but I'm definitely going to put them on my list to try.

  3. No, Jean - they're still waiting patiently! I wanted to take update pics this weekend, but things are in such transition that there is a lot of ugly clutter around! I will try to take some pics next time we're up, though...Travis built an amazing staircase that I wish I'd taken a pic of [for you].

    Marg- I am trying to think of a substitute for graham crackers...they're kind of unique, aren't they? bummer...I'll try to keep thinking. The milky-ways are definitely very sweet, but the caramel is kind of to die for!

  4. I wonder how s'mores and twix would taste?

  5. I don't know - but let's make that our personal mission to find out :)

  6. Never had a smore in my life - hand on my heart.

    I had graham crackers once though....they didnt taste like I imagined. Crackers here are salty and savoury.

    Looks like you all had a blast this weekend. (And yes I'm finally catching up on blog posts)

  7. I wonder if you could somehow incorporate Oreo flavors into a smore???

    And, I was thinking that maybe Marg could make smores with ritz crackers....when I have those around I put peanut butter on top and melt chocolate chips to make a peanut butter meltaway - you could totally add marshmallow to that!!!