Monday, September 20, 2010

News By the Numbers

0 - pairs of pants that now fit better since I started exercising approximately 30 days ago - sigh

2 - gallons of Brown's apple cider we've enjoyed this last week

2 - number of fundraisers through our schools so far this year [that we've been asked to provide names of family and friends] - grrrrr.....

3 - number of soccer games we will attend this weekend - can't wait!

4 - miles I can now run without collapsing

5 - number of grocery stores I plan to shop in today

9 - snacks I need to have ready by Friday at 2:30 pm
artichoke and spinach dip with crudite platter
crab melts on pumpernickel toasts
caprese salad skewers
asian lettuce and chicken wraps
caramelized onion, gorgonzola, and ripe pear crostini
sugar cakes
oatmeal raisin cookies
molasses cookies
chocolate fudge

48 - the outside temperature low last night - fall is here!

66 - current temperature with cloudless skies - glorious!

100 - the number of people I need to serve at a cocktail party on Friday at Collage

1606 - the number of pageviews I had last month on my little blog. What started as a recipe file for my sister-in-law, Angie, has turned into a fulfilling part of my life. I've enjoyed so much meeting new people and I'm humbled (and flabbergasted, really). Thank you one and all!


  1. WOW! Busy girl. I match your 0 # of pants and raise you 1 lb gained since the lack of exercise.

    you are good with the fundraisers. I never did them so my kids never felt they had to participate. I found it a lot easier to just donate rather than give up information! lol

    ps- I will eventually get to my political blog but I too get a bit emotional and I don't want that to be its focus. I think this weekend Im going to try to focus on the now defunct defense bill and see what's what about it. (You were the one who asked, right?)

  2. isn't it annoying? I don't want to bulk up, and all of my clothes are now tighter!!

    we don't participate either - I've got labels sitting here on my table that will never be sent back in with the names and addresses of our family and friend - and what really bugs me is that they entice the kids with these stupid prizes as a bribe for selling names.

    Good for you, digging through the quagmire of the're a better person than I am. I personally really enjoy sticking my head in the sand - the results are the same, sadly. Maybe you'll inspire me, can't wait to read about what you discover!

  3. I can run about 100 metres without wanting to die, so you're kicking my pattootie with that one.

    And thank goodness I dont have to do the fundraising thing anymore.

    And I'm not surprised by your page view count. Your blog is a great read.

  4. Mrs P - I'm still flabbergasted (totally), but thank you for your kind words!