Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Garden

Our little plot of earth (less than 1/4 acre) has proved to be fairly fertile.  Last year was the first year that we planted a dedicated garden.  It was rather small, but I wanted to experiment.

Yesterday, the kids and I (Rob was "busy" working around the front of the house) planted our garden.  I'd love to say we behaved like a Norman Rockwell painting [looks], but I'll be the first to admit that there was fighting every step of the way - who was going to rake, who would spread the seeds, who would cover the seeds.  At any rate, our garden is planted.

green beans, sugar peas, carrots, golden beets, roma tomatoes, hot peppers

just waiting for some green!

These pictures make it look so bucolic and serene, don't they?  Thankfully there are no videos!  

Our raspberry bushes have spread like crazy and I'm wondering if anyone has some advice?  Last year the stinkbugs were really enjoying the raspberry bushes - any natural repellent ideas?  Should we thin the plants?  I'm thinking maybe the plants will produce more if there are less of them.  I'd appreciate any expertise!

My fig tree (apparently not totally harmed by my botched attempt to prune) is sprouting some leaves!  I'm hoping we can harvest more than one fig this year.  Last year's fig was delicious, but it was hard to split in five pieces.

Our rhubarb from Aunt Jean is doing very well and I harvested some for my mom and myself.  I have yet to use mine, but my mom said it was delicious.

Our mint and oregano are back and doing well - usually we also have tomato plants that will reappear, so I'll wait to buy tomato plants.  I did buy some roma tomato seeds, we'll see how they do.

Our blueberry bushes seem to be doing well.  Last year they produced about ten berries, which were quickly consumed by some birds.  Do those rubber snakes really work to scare away birds? 

Lastly, I planted my herbs.  My mint, spearmint, and oregano always come back - so I planted the rest of the things I want in my dedicated herb pot.  The previous owner of the house left this aluminum tub - I think someone said he used to bathe his dogs in it.  It works perfectly for my herbs!

basil, cilantro, parsley, chives

I really don't know much about gardening or even planting consumables, but hopefully with each passing year I'll learn a little bit more.

We'll wait to plant our flowers until after Mother's Day to be on the safe side with possible frost.

Will you be planting a garden this year?  Do you usually plant consumables or mostly flowers?  I'd love to hear any advice or expertise that you're willing to share!  Happy Spring (or Fall, to our Southern Hemisphere friends)!  


  1. I say Im going to plant a vegie garden but I never seem to get round to it ...

    Yours looks wonderful despite the squabbling with getting it in. On the up side everyone wanted to help!

  2. Kirs-just a hint-you might want to plant the mint in the tub-otherwise it will likely take over every part of the garden you DON'T want it in! My goodness-the rhubarb looks healthy-I might be able to harvest enough for a dessert this weekend (I have at least 8 plants). Glad you can enjoy it! Were the kids actually helping or was it just for the "photo op"? Enjoy the warm weather!
    Aunt Jean

  3. As far as I get with planting vegies, is cherry tomatoes and mixed lettuce. I have quite a few herbs in pots on the verandah.
    Laughing at the lovely photos of helpful children matched with your comments about the fighting.
    Your vegetable garden looks like it is doing very well.
    I can't help you with raspberry bushes, as I have never grown them. A few people have fake owls on their roof near their vegetable patches here, I have no idea whether it works though. What about fine netting thrown over the plants to deter the birds.