Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beef Tenderloin

If you love a good steak, you undoubtedly love filet mignon.  The buttery taste, the ridiculously tender texture, and the overall lusciousness is like no other cut of beef. 

Instead of going to a restaurant and paying a high price for an entree that includes this delectable dish - buy a whole beef tenderloin.  You could either portion it and freeze family-sized portions, or invite a few friends and serve them a special treat. 

I buy my whole tenderloins at a wholesale club in our area, BJ's.  The price per pound is $8.79.  You can't beat it. 

I like to marinate my whole tenderloin overnight.  I liberally sprinkle kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper and then add red wine and olive oil.  The next step is to sear briefly on each side (on the grill).  You could do this step ahead of time and then refrigerate your loin until the next day, when you'll roast it. 

The last step (unless you want to make a sauce) is to roast the beef, uncovered, at 425 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees for medium-rare (approximately one hour for a four to six pound piece).**  Let the beef rest for at least 15 minutes before carving.  I usually estimate about 1/2 lb/per person (but, honestly, that's being quite generous).  You don't need a sauce, but sauteed mushrooms and this blue cheese sauce are divine. 

If I'm serving a large number of people, I like to have the whole tenderloin carved into slices and then they can choose which piece they would prefer. 

**according to the New Betty Crocker Cookbook


  1. That's a great price for the beef. I think here that would be about double the price. I love fillet mignon (without the mushrooms) but we dont have it very often due to the price.

    And again I want beef for breakfast now....

  2. Oh I forgot to wait and read your post until after breakfast, now I'm craving beef!