Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sopapillas....the Results are in!

And the results are:  I hope you have strong teeth. 

I feel quite certain that either I did something wrong, or that the Chi-Chi's version contained obscene amounts of preservatives. 

I should have done some comparison recipe viewing - the recipe I used didn't have any kind of fat in it (besides the milk).  All of the other recipes I found (after my dismal failure) contained shortening.  I'll keep trying - and when I've found a winner, I'll share it!


  1. I dont have strong teeth so if you could keep looking for a recipe that wont injure me when I eat it that would be great.

    They do look nice though.

  2. They look deceivingly soft. I want to eat them! But I'll wait till you perfect the recipe.

  3. I second Shay, although I do have fairly strong teeth, and I'd like to keep them!