Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baked Chicken and Artichoke Pasta

This is certainly not a fancy meal.  Basically, I made rigatoni pasta, mixed in some roasted chicken, roasted tomatoes and canned artichokes. 

boneless skinless chicken breasts roasted with balsamic salad dressing

chopped chicken, canned artichokes, Ina's slow-roasted tomatoes

bechamel sauce with plenty of parmesan

This is pure comfort food.  It's perfect for the third day in a row of torrential rain.  Perfect for a chilly fall day - for those of you in the southern hemisphere.  Food isn't always a cure-all, but we all have to eat and sometimes food can bring us comfort. 

topped with shredded cheddar and baked for 25 minutes

Perfect for a community reeling from repeated tragedy.  Mt Vernon, Iowa, we are praying for you. 


  1. I've never made baked pasta...I know you're wondering now whether I live under a rock.

    My thoughts are also with the people of Mount Vernon.