Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few things I can't live without....

I consider myself a quite practical person. My needs are pretty minimal. My "makeup" routine consists of: a brush, deodorant, sunscreen/face cream, mascara, eyeshadow, and some lip gloss (that all takes about 4 minutes). While I would consider myself low-maintenance and quite frugal, there are some things that I would pay just about any amount of money for.....
quality toilet paper
quality paper towels
quality dish detergent (I prefer Palmolive pure and clear)
"Finish" dishwasher tabs
Mr Clean "magic erasers" (I use at least one per week)
Starbucks coffee
(I guess there is no need to mention the washing machine/dryer
and dishwasher)
These are the things I really need to get through every day!

How about you? What things can you really not live without?

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