Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Workout (sore bum guaranteed)

I have recently surrendered my gym membership. I had originally joined a gym because it included babysitting in a kidz gym. There was a ball pit, a huge indoor playground with curly slide, tables with activities, and lots of great supervision for the kids. Previously, I had tried to exercise with dvds in my living room, and let me tell you - trying to do a workout with a 2yr old and 4yr old joining in was not fun (even remotely). I was quite happy at my gym, $29 per month, great care for my kids, etc. But then they removed the large indoor playground and ball pit and instead renovated the large room where the kids were meeting into a group exercise room. I completely understand that this was a bottom-line issue, but my kids were no longer enjoying the benefit of exercise concurrently with mine. I would collect my children from a small room where they were gathered around a TV. My disillusion with the kids area coupled with the fact that my workout had become stagnated (I'm sorry, I just don't think a treadmill is the ideal way to run), and I decided to investigate alternatives.

And then I discovered exercise tv!!! Since we're already paying exorbitant amounts for our phone, internet, and cable - this was a huge bonus. We have Comcast for each of our services; digital tv was actually cheaper than the general cable (some crazy promotion). The other networks that feature exercise tv are: Time-Warner, Cox, and Bresnan. If you have access to these networks I would urge you to check this out.

I have concentrated mainly on the yoga offerings, and there are some insane butt-kicking workouts. The "Fitness Fusion" yoga and "Fitness Plus" yoga are about 45 minutes of pure torture. I have also investigated but not used some Jillian Michaels workouts (some of which are 1 hr plus). I would estimate that there are at least 100 different choices for any workout you may be interested in.

All that said, I now have the benefit of having school-age children. I no longer enjoy workout partners, thank goodness. I try to alternate my at-home workouts with running outside several times per week.

I just thought I'd share this because I love when I discover something for "free" that I think others could benefit from!

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  1. I love the 10 minute workouts. I figure that I can squeeze a ten minute workout into my day. The laundry, dishes, kids, etc. won't suffer too much if I ignore it all for 10 minutes.