Friday, July 1, 2011

Farm Tour

Remember how I was telling you about our local farms?  We recently enjoyed a farm tour at the Ilyes Family Farm.  The evening was perfect - about 75 degrees and sunny.  We walked about a mile and a half, sampling fruits and vegetables along the way.  John Ilyes shared with us their methods, expertise, and little known facts about farming. 

What we really appreciated was John's commitment to the least amount of spraying necessary and utilizing the natural order of things to achieve delicious results.  I also really appreciated the extra care he took to point out the wonder of Creation in every way he could. 

Rob took lots of great pictures - come along for the tour with us!

the pond they built in 1983 to utilize run-off water for irrigation needs

Emma trying the seed sprayer - this is John Ilyes

they farm about 30 acres

the gorgeous rural views

John explaining that the wheat is ready [to be harvested] when it "bends it's head"

our little tour group

see the baby watermelon?

can you spot the green pepper?

asparagus gone to seed - beautiful

sweet cherries

one of the farm dogs, Eve

Emma's favorite part - sampling the produce - a wax bean, in this case

a view through the deer fence

picking mulberries

finding and picking green beans

Did you know that every piece of corn silk corresponds to a kernel and that every single one needs to be pollinated by a bee? 

If you're local - take the farm tour.  Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 the tour starts at the roadside farm stand (it's free).  I would highly recommend it.  We'll probably take the tour again in August when the cantaloupe and watermelon are ready for harvest. 

Charles Ilyes Family, Inc.
1181 Bucktail Ln
York PA 17408
(717) 792-2743


  1. Oh wow what beautiful photos. i particularly love the one with the daisies.
    It looks so interesting, I love these posts, I love all your posts, but it's great to see around your area, and all the local produce.

  2. Gorgeous! How lovely that they give tours. You're so fortunate to live in your area with all the farming communities. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday! ☺

  3. I think it's really important that kids understand where food comes from. I read somewhere a while back they surveyed inner city kids who geniunely didnt know where milk came from aside from cartons which staggers my mind.

    Love this little tour of farm life! My folks had a HUGE mulberry bush at their farm. Ahhhh Memories!