Saturday, July 16, 2011

Purple Green Beans

My sister-in-law gave me these gorgeous beans. 

I decided to make my three ingredient beef brisket, and some yukon gold mashed potatoes.  I pictured a beautiful plate with my tri-colored steamed beans.

But, when I pulled the lid off of my saucepan - I realized that the purple beans had disappeared.  Did you know that purple beans change to the color green after they're cooked?  I'm glad I took a few pics of the gorgeous purple color before it disappeared. 

Delicious summer dinner!


  1. Those tricky beans! I had no idea purple beans changed colour that way - in fact Im not sure Ive ever seen purple beans.

    Your dinner still looks amazing by the way...Im off to google brisket...

  2. Snort, chuckle at Shay's comment. Oh lover of vegetables!!!!!
    I don't exactly love beans, they squeak when you bite them, it puts me off!!!! I do like cutting them into tiny discs and mixing them into Thai fish or chicken fritter/patties/cakes.

  3. I just read that if you put a little baking soda in the water when you cook them, it should help retain the color, have'nt tried it yet though;)