Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY genius

My sister-in-law is an awesome gift-giver!  We usually switch names for Christmas and I knew she had my name this year, so I asked for a magic-eraser mop.  Pretty exciting, right?

I guess she thought that wasn't a great enough present (even though it totally was), so she perused my pinterest pins to try to find other ideas.  I had pinned something similar to this trough I found at Terrain a couple of years ago.

So, imagine my excitement when I realized that she'd gotten her husband to make me one! And, the best part? He made it out of disassembled pallets!

I finally got around to filling it today, with Emma's help!  I realize it's still a little Christmas-y, but I figure I can change it out for each season.  I'm actually kind of thinking of how I could add a little moss and other spring-y items in a couple of months. it is!  I honestly just love it.  Thanks so much Nicole, for the idea, and Jeremy for the hard work!


  1. just checking to see if I can leave a comment - heard it's been a bit challenging!

  2. That's so cool! I'm thinking of all the seasonal things you can put in it, so many options!

  3. Hand made presents are the best kind of all. I love that she stalked you on Pinterest to find out what you loved.

    It's a genius idea.

  4. I love receiving hand made gifts!

    We also love re-using pallets! This is a fabulous idea!