Friday, January 18, 2013

The Girl who was supposed to be sick....

The flu is spreading rapidly.  So far we have gone untouched, but every day the girls come home with the update of who was missing in school.  Last night Emma didn't have an appetite.  Very unusual!  She's a little like me, she never loses her appetite. 

We set her up with a bucket to sleep beside last night, just in case.  This morning, she complained of pain in her belly.  I really thought she'd be fine, but I made the mistake of calling Rob to ask his opinion.  In typical fashion, and being the soft touch that he is, he told me she should stay home. 


seventeen games of sequence

a pan of brownies

lots of crafts

a barbie design session (did you know unmatched, holey socks make the best Barbie dresses?)

and a Reuben sandwich later...... I'd say she's all better. 


  1. Sometimes just having a day off can be the thing that makes you feel better..

    Although I'd say you were probably conned...

  2. Lol at Shay. Oh well it looks like she had a very productive day.

  3. Better safe than sorry .. special times together that you will always treasure. Very important. glad it wasn't the flu.