Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love My Char-Broil

I grill all year long.  Anyone else?  We still have ankle-deep snow (especially on our back porch), but we keep our grill covered and it started easily.  I felt a little silly grilling with snow boots on, but I have to admit, this put me in a sunnier mood. 

This is all just a part of tricking myself into thinking I don't hate winter.  It's not working. 


  1. While you may not convince yourself you like winter, you CAN remind yourself winter brings comfort meals; soups and breads, coffee/hot chocolate and teas, mulled wines and roasts.

    The heavy foods where it can be too hot to enjoy in the summer. Don't forget that and you will make it through just fine.

    Speaking of, what else is popping up in that brain of yours to warm up my kitchen? :)

  2. Even though it is summer here I have to admit our barbecue is not getting much of a workout yet.

    I'm sure it will happen though!