Friday, October 1, 2010

Favourite Thing(s) Friday

Favourite [Recipes] Friday!

Since I currently maintain a cooking blog, I'll try to stay on task today.  I thought what I would do is highlight some of my favorite recipes that I've posted this past year - to save you the trouble of perusing 200+ blog entries!
 If you're interested in the recipes, simply click on the highlighted title link!

Let's get started, shall we?

My favorite breakfast

                                       Rhubarb Custard Pie

I am not usually a breakfast-food sort of person.  This is my dream breakfast.  I eat the pie cold with a big mug of black coffee.  To. Die. For.

Favourite Soup

  Baked Potato Soup

 This is decadent, creamy, and oh so satisfying - bacon, chives, and sour cream are a must!

Favourite Sandwich


This is best served with a crusty roll, some melted cheddar cheese and the leftover juices from the pork roast.

Favourite Pizza

Fresh Mozzarella, Spinach, and Ina's slow-roasted tomatoes

Favourite Side Dish

Onion Casserole - onions, swiss cheese, and croutons - what more could you want

Favourite Dessert

Chocolate Pudding Pie - oreo crust, homemade chocolate pudding, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Happy Cooking and Eating!


  1. I think I have just put on five kilos salivating over your favourites. Where do I start, they all look so good. I think the Rhubarb and Custard Pie, that looks absolutely divine.
    I am going to work my way through these in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Where did the picture of the onion casserole come from?

    Pie for breakfast... also my favorite. YUM!

  3. I remembered I had a picture of it and inserted it after the fact!
    Marg - the pie is so good - tart, sweet, flaky, and creamy! I may have to buy some out of season rhubarb myself!!

  4. I've made at least two of those recipes more than once. That soup has been christened devil soup at our house because it's hard to resist and I suspect goes straight to your butt...

    Love that you picked your favourite recipes for each category. Seeing these again made me realise just how much I enjoy visiting here and trying to re-create the things you make (nowhere near as beautifully as you do them though )

  5. Kirs-just checking FB/blogs before I go home from work-so much faster here than at home-glad I did-have to go to a "jungling" reunion tomorrow nite, so will stop by the grocery and pick up what I need for the choc pie & onion casserole!!! YUMMY!! RJ has been helping neighbor in the field, so should have time to bake when I get home-can't wait to sample!! PS-I think I have enough rhubarb in my freezer to make a rhubarb custard pie-that is to die for!!! Have a great weekend-love ya-miss you guys!!

  6. sounds like a great weekend of eating, Jean!! I'm glad to hear Josh and Casta are back safely - can't wait to see their pics!

    Mrs P - I'm making the devil soup tomorrow, in fact! I often have to peruse through my old posts to remember some things I haven't made for a while! It gets a little much, though, because with so many entries it's hard to sift through. I need to create a way to organize them.

  7. Are you an Aussie? I see that people posted tomorrow...(I'm Canadian so it's still Friday)
    I love going to make this for sure.
    Great recipes.
    I'd like to make the onion casserole, but will sub the cheeses as I only have chedder and mozzerella... great post.

  8. Nanci -
    sadly, no! I live in Pennsylvania - not terribly exciting :)

    I'm sure the onions can be very versatile.
    I love rhubarb, too! I actually have some growing in my backyard, but I can't harvest until next spring.
    Thanks for commenting and enjoy the recipes!

  9. I really can't say anything more than YUM. :D

  10. My backside just spread...I'm sure of it. :o) That Rhubarb Pie for breakfast has me salivating. I haven't eaten Rhubar in a long time. I wonder if anyone even grows it around my area? Yum to all your favorites! Visiting from FTF. Thanks for sharing. :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  11. Oh, these all look delish! I'm a fan of rhubarb anything. Reminds me I've got some in the freezer from this past spring that I need to use.

  12. Kirs-the chocolate pie turned out great-I cheated & bought the oreo pie crust already in the pan (my grocery didn't have oreo crumbs). It was a hit at the reunion. The french onion casserole is to die for-I made it this morning & then put it in the fridge to bake later; so they took longer to bake through & I had to stir the cheese & rue through to get it done-then crushed up croutons for the last 10 minutes--had a little bit left over-Russ wasn't able to go along-he was combining corn-so he's eating some leftover lasagne & onions now-he said to give the onions a 2 thumbs up & 5 stars!! :)

  13. Larri - I think rhubarb grows in the upper half of the US. I only know that it doesn't grow in Florida - we have family that recently moved there and were pretty bummed to find out it was not on their growing list!

    Jean - so glad you liked the pie and onions!! I think the bought oreo crusts stay together better, anyway! I just like eating the leftover oreos :)