Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News By the Numbers

1 - lonely little piece of buttermilk cake (all that's left)

1 - large bin containing warm winter hats, boots, long underwear, etc - Rob went kayaking this morning and had to find a hat, gloves, and water repellent coat

2 - cute little girls before heading off to school

4 - number of Kate-centered meltdowns this morning stemming from: waking up and getting a shower, the new jeans, a "lack" of suitable shoes, not finding her homework folder - all produced real tears (how am I going to get through the teen years?)

4 - number of serving pieces my friend, Whitney (from Collage Specialty Shop) has given me as a thank-you

my newest and favorite piece
$5.98 - the cost of these jeans from the Gap.  They had 40% off of everything on Monday - I grabbed 2 pairs of leggings, one pair of jeans, two skirts, and two shirts [for the girls] for $38.99 - (Christmas presents)

12 - number of months I've waited to use these 4 towels (thanks, Mom!)

25 - number of hours we spent at the cabin this past weekend - can't wait to head back

$27.07 - the amount I spent to fill up this beast with gas.  Normally, we pay about $75, but I had $1.60 discount per gallon at Giant (my mom lets me combine her and my points for redemption)

43 - degrees when we woke up this morning (and Rob headed off to kayak) brrrr....


  1. those serving pieces! And I can't believe you were able to resist temptation for a year in holding off using new towels!

  2. Crazy bargains on the shopping. Well done!

    I had a cold shower in around 45 degrees this morning. Of course that wasnt by choice.

    You'll develop skills in ignoring you never knew you had by the teen years -I think they call it self preservation.