Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Vignette

Some days you just have to laugh.   Like tonight.  We laughed

Monday nights Josh and Kate usually have soccer practice.  Our nights are getting longer (aka it's getting darker earlier every day), so it's hard to plan for outdoor activities.  The kids had to be at their practice field at 5:45 and I planned to have us eat dinner after practice was finished

Here was our timeline

4:30   the girls and I arrive home from the bus stop

4:40   I fix the girls a snack (Josh had already eaten) - yogurt, strawberries, pretzels

4:45   I start making dinner - I know, I started early - but I was really excited to taste the outcome

4:55   I ask Rob if he can take the kids to practice since I'd like to finish dinner

5:00   After his usual lag-time in response (he was distracted by work/computer), he told me he
          had a conference call at 6:00 and had to prepare.  No problem. 

5:10   I make the famed cream of mushroom soup, taste it and almost faint from happiness

5:15   I start the steak sandwiches

5:16   Rob's phone rings - it's his Dad - of course he answers it (even though he's "preparing" for his
          conference call)

5:17   His dad is looking for a dinner suggestion - my in-laws are on vacation in New England and were       
          hoping  Rob could call his friend from college for a recommendation

5:18   Rob calls his buddy from college - in the midst of the conversation the girls are running into the kitchen
          hitting each other and crying.  Of course, Rob scurries out to the front porch to continue his phone
         conversation - you know, just catching up.

5:23   I have a panic attack - I can't remember if Kate's practice starts at 5:30 or 5:45 so I race to my
         computer, searching in vain for the email from her coach.

5:24   I bolt into the hallway yelling, "we're leaving in one minute"

5:25   I smell rapidly browning minute steaks

5:26   I hear Rob now chatting it up with his dad, naming this restaurant and that restaurant in MEREDITH,
          NEW HAMPSHIRE.   Can he not hear us running around like lunatics in here?

5:27   Kate, loaded with an armful of cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, water bottle and soccer ball - races
         down to the car.

5:28   Josh appears at the front door - I yell, "I have your water bottle" - he tries to argue that he wants a
         different one - I about lose it.

5:29   We're off to soccer practice - managing to get behind every slow driver and red light on the way

5:42   We screech to a halt at the practice field and realize
               a.) Josh's practice starts at 5:45 and no one is there yet
               b.) Kate doesn't have practice tonight

I'll tell you what I need - a large bowl of Friendly's banana split sundae ice cream.
The End


  1. I hope that Rob ran out and got you some ice cream after his conference call. :)

  2. Oh, it was waiting in the wings (from my trip to the grocery store earlier today)'s a lot sweeter than I remember! It's chocolate ice cream with walnuts, banana ice cream with fudge ripple and strawberry ice cream with pineapple - good but sweet :) I looked at the ingredients and bought it anyway.

    And, truthfully, I did have all day to get everything ready and have my schedule figured out, but it was pretty funny (in an annoying way).

  3. Frankly I'd be dipping into the Southern Comfort after all that.

    Hey you were on time for Josh's soccer practice. Go you!

    I have to say I got a giggle out of knowing your house sounds exactly like mine - minus at least one kid. Once I went to work on my day off that's how confuzzled I am sometimes.

    You ate the whole tub of icecream didnt you?

  4. that would have been great, but I had to drop off and pick up at practice! :)

    I hoped that our house isn't the only chaotic one! I like that word, "confuzzled"!

    No, only a small bowl - I'm much more of a savory person - now, if there had been chicken wings with buffalo sauce - I would have been sunk.