Friday, October 29, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

I'm going to call this episode of "Favourite Things Friday" the honorable mention favourites.  I hesitate to share some of this, because some of the choices are a little bizarre - but I admit it, I'm a little quirky. 

Here goes (in order of importance)....

1.  Coffee.  When I find out that people don't drink coffee, I always ask them this question, "How do you get into a good mood in the morning"?  Seriously, I do.  The most inventive answer - she takes two Excedrin every morning.   This is our brew of choice - espresso contains half of the amount of caffeine of regular coffee.

we're almost to the season where I can add egg nog to my coffee every morning!

We drink our coffee very, very dark.  My motto is, if you can see the side of the cup then your coffee is too weak.  Another thing I don't want to be able to see through....

2.  Toilet Paper.  I will not use singly-ply.  Sorry environment.   I even bring our own toilet paper to the cabin.  My mother-in-law and I have this ongoing argument (very good-natured) - she thinks that if you use expensive toilet paper you use twice as much.  My response has always been, "so what"?  :)

3.  My nose.  Okay, this one is really strange - but I rely on my nose for cooking.  I can tell what a recipe needs simply by smelling a whole bunch of different things.  I can also count on my nose to alert me when my baked goods are finished.  I don't even have to set a timer! I bought some cornish game hens at the store this afternoon for dinner - I made a glaze and used some of these ingredients - I'll let you know how it turns out.

4.  I realize this ventures way too far into the TMI category - but onward I go.  I will never shave my underarms again.  And, yes, this hurts.

5.  Chicken Skin.  Love it.  Does this make me even weirder? 


  1. I am going to address your "weirdness " point by point.

    Coffee - you are a girl after my own heart. Not only can I not function without my morning coffee (which I am glugging as I write )I also subscribe to the dark is good camp. I want to FEEL that caffeine working!

    Toilet Paper- 100% with you sister. The last thing I want is to find the cheap toilet paper has shredded mid wipe.

    Your nose- Unfortunately not being the talent you are with cooking, I still rely on visuals and my timer.

    I was at the waxer yesterday and asked her about underarm waxing (which I have never had done because I hear it hurts ) She assured me it was like being tickled under the arm pits. Lying cow that she was. You're made of tough stuff especially if you do your own.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh chicken skin. Love the stuff.

    Loved this post. Way to share your Favourite Things Kirsten.

  2. You can be quirky Kirsten, as much as you like, who isn't?
    I'm pathetic when it comes to coffee, I don't like it strong, I can only drink decaf after 3pm otherwise I am awake all night, and I can only drink two coffees max. a day or I get the shakes. I told you I was pathetic.
    I definitely agree with you on toilet paper, it has to be at least 2 ply and nice and soft!
    Wow I thought my nose was sensitive, what a fabulous trait to have.
    Again too pathetic to wax underarms, and also don't have the patience to let it grow long enough to wax.
    Chicken skin eeew, unlike you and Mrs P, all I can say is yuck.
    Excellent honourable mentions today.

  3. 1. While you brew your own, i just became a Starbucks Gold card member!
    2. 2-ply is a must!
    3. You really can smell when a recipe needs something and when you're bake goods are finished baking? You just keep surprising me! Lol. No wonder all of your food tastes good!
    4. Lol. Interesting
    5. Ewww.

  4. I'm with ya on the toilet paper ... who cares what it costs!!!

  5. Kirsten-cornish game hen is our traditional family Christmas meal--the kids look forward to it so much-last year I did a couple of scrapbook pages for them-including Russ' SECRET recipe!! Tonite-the good old fall/winter favorite-chili! Hopefully Russ won't work too late tonite!

  6. you are so funny-
    coffee- love it, have a headache if i don't usually.
    TP- dude go with the cheap, paper towel kind :)
    nose- same for me.. i say to andy "what is that smell.. ?" he will answer "oh the squirrel probably tooted down the road!" :)
    wax- might have to try that
    chicken skin- depends on if it's crispy..

    love ya girl

  7. My DH drinks the same brand of coffee and loves it. It sure smells good when he brews it.

    I hear you on the nose thing. I do set a timer though because I'm the absent-minded professor type and can totally zone out somewhere else while dinner burns. But if I'm paying attention, the nose knows!

    TP has to be double-ply. Cottonelle is my brand of choice, but I've been known to buy generic equivalents.

    Chicken skin? Well, I know it's tasty, but I've got those goofy arteries to consider now and then. Gotta draw your lines in the sand somewhere. Bacon is still on my side of the line. :)

  8. I'm with you on the TP. As my youngest brother once pointed out, you may save money on the TP, you'll more than make up for it in laundry and hand soap.

    Loved reading about your other favorites.

    xo -El

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! I guess I'll embrace my quirkiness! Rob was a little horrified when he read my post.

    Mrs P - your waxer is a liar. But, you do get used to it.

    Marg - I thought of you this morning @3am when I realized I shouldn't have had coffee at noon! :)

    Amanda - if you knew my father in law, I'm sure he'd tell you the price difference b/t brewing your own and buying it! :) We live within walking distance of a SBUX and go there at least once a week. And, just so you know, sometimes my food fails miserably.

    Marie - thanks for the agreement!

    Jean - the cornish hens were hideous. I'm glad you have a better way to make them. take pics the next time you make them, can you?

    Jamie - I can't believe you use the cheap stuff!!!! I feel a little betrayed. :)

    P - oh, the chicken skin has to be crispy, otherwise I would agree with "ewwww"....and, yes, I don't think I could give up on bacon.

    Elizabeth - your brother is a wise, wise man!

  10. Well, I for one, love your quirkiness! :o)

    Ooh-la-la on the Starbucks. I'm a Folger's girl, not by choice, but by budget. The darker the better.

    When DH bought the cheap stuff, even the kids complained. Never again in my house...even if we have to consider it a splurge. LOL

    My sniffer is important too...don't take it for granted.

    The thought of ripping hair from my tender areas is enough to make it not happen at my house.

    Mmmm...even when I was on Weight Watchers, I considered Chicken skin to be part of my bonus points!

    Great FTF post! Happy Sunday! :o)