Friday, October 15, 2010

Favourite Thing Friday

is eating.  I know, a real shocker.  If you'd like to check out my philosophy on how we as a family eat healthfully, read this.

Feeding yourself and your family does not have to be difficult.  I happen to love to cook - but, I only cook things that are easy to make (while not compromising my standards - too much).

I thought for Favourite Thing Friday, I would include some links from previous posts to give you some inspiration.  Some of these posts will have pictures, some won't.  Some of the dinners and desserts are quick to put together, some take a little preparation.  These are some of our faves and standby's in our house.  To all you tech savvy bloggers out there, how do I create a cataloging system for my recipes?  Do I need to start tagging posts?  I'd love a little guidance, if you don't mind.

Let's get started:

Rob's favourites:

his number one favourite food that I make is

apple pie

second favourite is


I'll eat pretty much anything, but here are some things I swoon over:

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

Four Cheese Ravioli with Grilled Veggies

Jody's Pasta Salad

Sesame Ginger Flank Steak

Guinness Stew

stewed eggplant

Josh loves

taco pizza

Kate loves

Chicken with Creamed Spinach

Emma loves

Shredded Beef Enchiladas

I hope this gives you some inspiration for some creations of your own.  I realize that cooking isn't everyone's favourite, but we all have to eat - why not make it delicious!

Until I catalogue all of my recipes, if you're interested in a specific ingredient or recipe, please feel free to contact me and I'll try to point you in the right direction! 


  1. You are one the most creative and talented people I know Kirsten when it comes to food. I've made many of your recipes and enjoyed them every time.

    I think I just found some other things to try amongst this list! Arghhhhhhhhh! Thank Goodness theyre mainly healthy . (have you ntoiced though that my fave recipes from here are always the ones that threaten to make me put on weight - chocolate cake, pudding pie, devil soup!. That ravioli looks seriously good.

  2. You are really too kind - food is the only area in which I feel creative - I am in awe of your refinishing furniture, quilting, sewing, decorating, and writing talents. We all have our gifts, and mine is eating. :)

  3. Wow I am going to have to spend a lot more time surfing your blog to find all these, they sound so yummy. I need to start trying more of your fabulous recipes, thank you so much for sharing them Kirsten. I too love cooking, but only if it's easy to prepare and uses fresh or great ingredients.
    Unfortunately I love eating too, so I very rarely make anything sweet as I would eat the whole thing.

  4. I'll try to keep posting links to point you in the right direction - it's a total pain in the butt, but I think you'll find it helpful - it's too much to trudge through without a system.

  5. Kirsten, read your philosophy about healthy eating, and I agree with you 100%. I tend do a lower carb (no sugar, white flour, rice or potatoes) version because I am pre-diabetic and intend to keep it that way. Going to check out your recipes now. I bet there are some I can use. :-)

  6. Kirs-I also have loved everything I've tried from your blogs--I think our favorite so far was the balsamic grilled chicken- When we try something new & it turns out really good-RJ always says "it's good enough to serve to company!" and your recipes ALWAYS pass the test!!! I have struggled to find recipes (like the chicken)-so hope someone can help you with the cataloguing. I'll have to try one of your recipes this weekend-I must have missed the "devil soup"-I think that's one I'm going to have to find!! Have a great weekend! (are you enjoying the new bathroom??)

  7. I think the ravioli is calling my name.

    What do you think about making a big batch of the potato soup and freezing it? Do you think it would freeze well?

  8. Jean - the devil soup is the baked potato soup...
    you'll love it! The balsamic chicken is the best. The bathroom is really amazing - we love it!

    Marion - I googled freezing potato soup, the reviews were not good. Apparently the potatoes get grainy and the consistency of the soup does not retain it's creaminess. sorry :(

  9. I am totally salivating! I can't wait to try some of these delicious recipes that are sure to become favorites! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  10. I thought I would try your apple pie for dessert tonight =) I have to modify it for a diabetic dad so can't claim it will be the same. In following your link to your recipe though I saw the Christmas bread...that looks like a delicious tradition =) Did you ever get permission to share it?

  11. Hi Kelly -
    I'll try to post the recipe for the Hafekranz closer to the holiday season - I'm sure my dad won't mind :)
    Let me know how the pie turns out! Will you use stevia?