Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Makes me Smile....

So, my eighty-four year old grandmother loves a bargain, especially anything free.  She loves spending time with our kids and it's been too long since she's seen them. She read in the paper about a new bank opening near her house - which, in this area, means free food, entertainment, etc. (she's not the only one that likes anything free!).

I was home preparing a luncheon for the board that Rob serves with. My angelic mom took the kids to the bank opening with my Nanny and my aunt, Connie. The kids apparently had a blast: pony rides, singing along with the country music, eating chili, winning prizes, and getting their pictures taken.

And, I leave you with this

is this hilarious or what?


  1. That's a bunch of "shady " looking characters. The one in the red kerchief looks like the ring leader to me.

  2. Made me laught out loud!!! The look on Kate's face says "LOOK AT THIS BIG BAG OF MONEY MOM!!!
    I'm sure they had an awesome time--I'll have to forward this to our bank marketing person-- :)

  3. Mrs P - too funny! She is "full of it" as we say around here. Full of spunk, that is :)

    Nic - I couldn't wait for you to see this!!

    Jean - from what I hear, this particular bank opening was top-notch. I think this pic idea was so cute - and, they printed out three of this shot, just so my Nanny and aunt could also have a copy. The way our region has gotten, this is one of the very few (less than four) "local" banks anymore.

  4. Great picture! Kate's expression makes is precious. Future actress.

  5. I like this picture almost as much as the one with Charlotte dressed as a pirate! :)

    I'm actually toying with the idea of letting Kate audition for DreamWrights - with her dramatic ways and gift for enunciation, I figure she'd be a natural! But, do I want to be running to practices all winter?