Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Finished

I'm happy to announce that we have a fully functional master bathroom and there isn't a hint of pink.  I am so proud of Rob - it took some time - but he demolished the bathroom, installed drywall, updating plumbing, installed trim and re-tiled the floor and shower.

I need to buy some shelves, we need to install the overhead lights, paint the ceiling, and hang the blind - but we can shower, use the toilet, and wash our hands!!

Rob did have a little help

 But, it was his blood, sweat and tears in there - finishing this project!  He did a great job and I am so grateful - for the blood (minimal), sweat (a whole bunch), and tears (none that I know of, although I wasn't there when he finally put down his tools - could have been tears of joy!)

the view from the doorway

the finished shower

the moldings he installed

the floor - installed diagonally

the empty wall where I hope to hang shelves

I'm not sure what kind of celebration we'll have - but I think he may be getting an apple pie tonight!


  1. And it looks fabulous. How talented is Rob!

    Kirsten, I know the immense satisfaction and relief that comes with a remodel being finished, so hearty congratulations.

    It looks ownderful. I love the tiles in the shower and that cute little cornice piece. I love it all. Enjoy!

  2. It looks fantastic, I love the wall colour and I am sure I have similar blue tile. Congratulations.