Thursday, December 9, 2010

About the Cinnamon Rolls....

I am finally finished with my cinnamon roll project!!  I have several  pans to deliver tomorrow, but the final count sold was one hundred and eleven pans.  I also made some extra for bus drivers, teachers, etc.

I made my final three batches this morning, just as my inspiration, The Pioneer Woman, was making cinnamon rolls on the Today show!  Check out the video here.

I am humbled by the response to our little project and can't wait to do some shopping for the Cancer Center Pantry and a family we have located within our district.  I plan to do a final post with pictures of the items bought for others in need!


  1. I just tallied that up ...thats over 700 cinammon rolls .You are a complete star!

  2. GREAT JOB! If I lived closer, you can bet I would have bought one and then sat with you and chatted while watching all your hard work. -wink- Maybe I would have helped, a bit too but clearly, you didn't need it. I agree with Ms. P, you are a star!

  3. not a star, by any means (though thanks for the encouragement) - I had orders to fill and I was determined!

    And, the bonus was we got to eat all of the ends!

  4. Kirsten, you are a star, how many people would make 700 cinammon rolls to help others.
    That's a lot of ends to eat!