Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Exhausted....

I haven't wrapped one present yet.  My house looks like it could stand up and walk away.  I haven't finished Christmas shopping yet.  I'm hosting a brunch for 20 plus people on Friday and haven't even decided on a menu.

I just spent three hours with 21 first-graders.  That's why I'm exhausted!

 We made gingerbread houses, practiced the number grid, had two recesses, enjoyed snack, had a "family meeting", did "count-around", worked on "jobs", said the pledge of allegiance, did the weather, the calendar, and sang three songs.  All in three hours.  Annie cried again.  The kids loved the cinnamon rolls - I even got a thank-you note already!  It was really, really fun (especially to spend time with Emma) - but I am wiped.  Seriously. 

Oh, and just so you know, the present labeled "me" has been opened. Emma decided she just couldn't wait anymore - it was silly putty - for all of you that were proud of her for waiting, I don't know what to tell you!


  1. lol...ah this bring back memories of when I was a parent helper for Christmas electives at Miss P's school when she was about the same age. I wasnt working in paeds then and I gained such an admiration for teachers .

    If she starts opening everyone else's presents then you have to worry!

  2. Gee they pack a lot into 3 hours! Ths gingerbread house looks so cute as does Emma.
    Yikes 20 plus people, good luck!
    I have just spent the last two and a half days, tidying, throwing junk out and cleaning. Making up for all the times in the last few months I was sewing and crocheting rather than doing housework.