Monday, December 20, 2010

Tales From First Grade....

Today Emma brought home a bag of packages.  Remember how I told you her teacher had instituted a system of rewards and penalties involving "money"?  Interestingly enough, we've done pretty well remembering gym shoes and library books.  Each week Emma is able to earn more money.  Occasionally they are allowed to "shop" in her teacher's store. 

So, back to the packages she lugged off of the bus.  Can you believe that she shopped at the "store" and bought Christmas presents for everyone in our family?  And, she wrapped them.  The first thing she did when she walked up the steps from the garage - was to put the packages under the tree.  She is so excited to give us all of our presents. 

Yes, that says "to: my birther" - and "me" (she got herself a little something, it seems!).  

As we were waiting for Kate's bus, she told me about the drama surrounding the shopping.  Apparently, a little girl in her class shopped her little heart out and her grand total was $300.  She didn't have enough money and promptly started to cry.  Emma said they were trying to get their "morning work" done and Annie had to find a "quiet place to cry".  So, she went to the courtyard and cried until she felt better and then came back.  Isn't that the cutest/saddest thing ever?  First grade teachers should be sainted. 

Tomorrow I'm heading into Emma's school to decorate gingerbread houses!  I really can't wait - those little six-year olds are just too cute.  Then I'll get to share her birthday treat with her classmates - guess what she requested?  cinnamon rolls.  They are rising in the kitchen as we speak.  I'll try to remember to take pictures - no promises....


  1. I have a little one that sometimes has to go find a "quiet place to cry". I wish Emma were in my classroom, what wonderful birthday treats to bring!

  2. Well - hello there, St. Katie!!!
    This same little girl in Emma's class has been missing her mommy since the beginning of school - she is really adorable :)

    I wish I could drop off a pan of cinnamon rolls for you - heaven knows you deserve a pan!

    Merry Christmas - tell your fam we miss them!!

  3. Emma is so generous - and I love the fact that she wrapped her own gift and put it under the tree too - I don't think I'd have the self control & patience to wait!

  4. How sweet of Emma to buy you all gifts. Lisa is up to something up in her room as I am not allowed. Could it have something to do with all the pictures she ran off on Sat.? We miss you guys and wish you could be here to spend Christmas with us. Cinnamon rolls. Don't even get me started. (yum)

  5. I love them at this age when theyre still thinking about others and being so loving. What a beautiful thing for Emma to even think about doing.

    If you're handing out cinnamon rolls send a pan my way Ms. Kirsten!

  6. HAHA this is sooo cute. Emma was telling me about the presents Friday night, and what she got everyone. She puts lots of thought into it :) And I said, well what did you get me? And she said nothing, but I got myself something! She's the cutest!!

    And $300??? What was being sold in that store??!?!?!

  7. I second Shay's comments.
    Emma used to always make or give me a gift until she became a teenager, then it was all about her. Now that she has a part time job she has bought me a present this year, yay!
    Emma can NEVER wait for her presents, she always has to search through the house to find her present to see what she is getting. It drives me crazy. I have to find ever more difficult hiding places, and many the time I've totally forgotten where I've hidden things. Sometimes I find them years later. For a couple of years I used to wrap them with about 10 layers of plastic bags and wrapping paper, truckloads of tape and difficult to undo knots, so that she couldn't sneak peek, or at least if she did, I would know!