Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Good Camera

I am a consummate cheapskate.  The only luxuries I really feel passionate about are toilet paper and Magic Clean Erasers.  Rob has wanted a new camera for a long time.  He thinks he has found the perfect one - I've tried to hold him off as much as possible - but it seems he's saved his pennies and will be picking up his new camera later this week.  It's hard to argue with him when you see things like this....

 My brother-in-law sent me these pictures he recently took of the kiddos (with his new camera) - the crispness of the pictures is undeniable.  The only problem?  Rob will be staring at our new camera.all.day.on.Christmas.  sigh. 


  1. I felt the same way about a new TV Kirsten. Mr. P nagged and nagged (and he never nags about anything )

    I finally caved in last year and oh my what a difference. Of course our old TV was only 20 inches and our flat screen is about 42 so that probably helped. Mr. P has been one happy camper ever since. Plus he isnt allowed to ask for naything big again until say 2012....

    I hop Rob enjoys the new camera. And think how awesomer your food shots are going to look when YOU take pictures.

  2. They are great photos, it sometimes really does make a difference when you have a good camera and lens.