Monday, December 27, 2010

We're On Vacation....

After hosting a Christmas Eve brunch for 27 people, Rob and I wished our guests farewell. We immediately set our sights on assembling furniture for our girls bedroom. We finished around 11pm and went to bed, excited for Christmas morning. Our kids woke us at 5:50 am - we opened presents and visited family all day on Christmas, finally arriving home again about 8:30 pm. We had originally planned to leave for a vacation to South Carolina the morning after Christmas, but because of an impending snowstorm, we adjusted our plans. We instead started our trip 10 hours south at 9:30 pm - arriving in Pawleys Island, SC at 7:30 am the next morning.

In my mind, Christmas 2010 will be remembered as the longest day(s) in history. I felt like we lived through a tornado - and came through the experience battered but still in one piece. We've done a lot of relaxing so far - and looking forward to later in the week when the forecast is for 70 degrees. We've taken family walks, checked out the beach, shopped in little beach towns, and thoroughly enjoyed a burger joint [where we signed the walls and threw peanut shells on the ground].

Pawleys Island is approximately one hour south of Myrtle Beach, SC. We're hoping to visit Charleston, find some fun in Myrtle Beach, and to perfect the art of relaxing together as a family. We were joined this morning by Rob's parents and his youngest sister, her husband and their precious little guy, Jacob. We've never visited this part of the country before and we are excited to take in some history, enjoy some warmer temperatures, and of course, eat lots of good food! Stay tuned.....

Here's hoping your "after Christmas" involves a little rest, too!

Here are some sights from our first two days -

part of our chilly morning walk - we're staying at a golf course community

Josh is enjoying the fact that the ban has been lifted on his ipod
some local oysters being prepared
Josh posing in an antique store with a $3,000 elk mount
on the beach
we kind of love our new camera!
a great burger joint we discovered
enjoying our burgers at River City Cafe

If anyone is familiar with the Charleston/Myrtle Beach area - do you have any suggestions for fun family activities?


  1. Kirs-glad you're enjoying your vaca with the fam! L.O.V.E. the new camera! The colors in the pic of the burger joint (outside) are so vivid! I also really like the profile pic of Josh. You could photo shop out the Ipod & put in a book-? it's a great picture of him-miss you guys-enjoy the warmer weather (hopefully)!!
    aunt Jean

  2. Your vacation looks so fabulous I'm pea green with envy. Back to work for me tomorrow. Ugh.

    Continue having much fun with your family . Looking forward to more posts about your holiday. Lucky Duck.