Monday, December 27, 2010

A Tween Room

For part of our girls Christmas presents, we (well, mostly me) decided to update Kate and Emma's room. We discussed having bunk beds built, but then decided that the red metal ones we were storing in our basement would be fine. I then shopped for coordinating desks, duvets, and "tween-like" accessories. In total, we probably spent less than $300. Rob wasn't too excited about spending our Christmas Eve assembling furniture, but judging by the screams of the girls, I'd say it was a total success. We heard things like, "this is the best Christmas ever".

While we worked on the room, the kids played in the basement. I told the girls that we were working on a sewing project and that they couldn't see their room until Christmas morning [because we needed the space in their room for a sewing machine]. On Christmas morning, they opened all of the presents and the last presents they opened (the "big present") were matching duvet covers. I told them that the duvets were what Rob and I were sewing the evening before. I asked if they wanted to put the comforters on their beds....we all walked into their room and the screaming began. It was so cute to see them clutching their comforters and shrieking at each thing they discovered. I can just picture them doing their homework, playing, and making the room "their own".

Thank you, Rob, for all of your hard work. It was fun working together and the result includes two very happy little girls!


  1. What a great Christmas present! I bet they were so excited. The room looks fabulous! :o)

  2. So who gets the top bunk??? Can they decide or will they switch? The room looks great! Amazing how much room there is when the beds are "stacked" rather than side by side! I love the desks/chairs!! Great Christmas gifts for the girls!

  3. Looks like a room fit for two princesses. I love the matching desks.

    How sweet that they were so excited. Well done Kirsten and Rob.

  4. Emma's going to start out on the top bunk - if we have to switch it out every week/month, we will! It is amazing how much more room they have now. They will obviously never have a room that clean again, but at least we documented it on film :)

  5. The room looks great, I love the matching desks. That is a fabuloous Christmas present.
    I can never take pics of Emma's room as it always looks like a clothes bomb exploded.